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Jewelry and Watches

At National Pawn Shop, we love jewellery! We have been buying and selling estate jewellery in Little Rock for over 72 years! We offer the highest cash prices for gold, silver and diamonds and always make our customers feel right at home!


If you are interested in selling your fine jewellery, we will buy it from you on the spot. You can walk out of our shop with cash in hand today!  


Why wait to split up family jewellery? If you cash it in at National Pawn Shop, you can divide the money evenly and see the enjoyment from your gift today! 


We have an extensive collection of fine jewelry, antique jewelry, diamonds, gold, silver, and designer watches. Our large selection fills a niche in the market for designer jewellery and watches in Little Rock at an affordable price point. 


If you buy your engagement ring with us, we will marry you right on the spot! 



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